How does Spirituality Influence Human Behavior?

Can someone guide me towards some theories that explain the influence of spirituality on individual human behavior?

And give your views on the influence of spirituality on the reflective attitude and the influence of spirituality on moral values?

Thank you.

Karl Pfeifer 

I think a characterization of spirituality is needed. I like Ehud Benor ‘s initial stipulation for his area of research because it doesn’t exclude humanistic spiritualism: “spirituality” will be used to designate attitudes and dispositions that are prior to religion, that motivate its creation, and may survive its disintegration.” —

A framework for how a mindset of conative and cognitive attitudes produces moral judgements is provided by Peter Glassen, “Are there unresolvable moral disputes?”, which can be downloaded for free here: , Although Glassen doesn’t mention spirituality, it is easy to see how spiritual attitudes and dispositions could be incorporated into Glassen’s theory.

Orlando M Lourenço

Dera Jumal,I think of myself more as a spiritual than a religious being. As I see it, a spiritual being is someone who is much more concerned with internal than external preocupations. Because of this, it is likely that one’s spirituality greatly shapes one’s prosocial, altruistic, and others-centred behaviors. Needless to say, prosocial, altruistic, and others-centred behaviors lie at the heart of moral and ethical behaviors,As for theories to explain the influence of spirituality on individual human behavior you can profit a lot from our colleague Karl Pfeifer.Kind regards,Orlando.

Sona Ahuja

At Dayalbagh Educaitonal Institute (Agra, India) several studies are conducted in this area Value Education and Daily Spiritual Experiences: A Comparative Study of School Students

Karl Pfeifer 

Sona Ahuja , would you tell us briefly how spirituality was defined or characterized in your studies?Thank you.

Sona Ahuja

Dear Karl Pfeifer,You can find the details at the below link


Read answers at ResearchGate here

Jumal Ahmad
Jumal Ahmad

Jumal Ahmad Ibnu Hanbal menyelesaikan pendidikan sarjana pada jurusan Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Magister Pengkajian Islam di SPS UIN Jakarta. Aktif di lembaga Islamic Character Development dan Aksi Peduli Bangsa.

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